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Below are only a sample of my paintings. I have many more so please email or ring me for futher details . The  paintings are all framed,  any sizes given are in inches and are approximate. The first size is the visible sizeof the painting (size in brackets is overall framed size). Postage to UK mainland starts at app. 15 for 12" x  12"

     Click on the image of a painting below to enlarge



a day at the beach cefn sidan.JPG

Carmarthen on the River Towy.jpg

Towy Valley

Size 17.5" x 13.5"(24" x20")325

Cefn Sidan Misty Morning



Size 16 x 12 (21" x18")265


   John Baptist Church Cirencester.JPG

Bluebell woods.JPG

Red Kite Preselis Bluestones.JPG  

St John Baptist Church Cirencester

18" x 14" framed size 24" x 20"325

Bluebell Woods

18" x 14" framed size 24" x 20"325

Red Kite Preselis - Bluestones

18" x 12" framed size 24" x 18"295


   Nunney Castle in Carmarthen.jpg

Llansteffan from Ferryside.JPG

  Traction Engine.jpg

Nunney Castle in Carmarthen

 Size 19" x16" (13"x 9.5") 265

Llansteffan from Ferryside


The old traction engine

Size 15" x 13"  (9" x 6") 175



   Painting of Towy Valley in the snow.JPG

Talley Abbey morning mist.JPG

Black Five crossing the Bascule Bridge Carmarthen.JPG

Towy Valley in the snow

Size 9.5 x 8 (15" x13")175

Talley Abbey in the morning mist

Size  11.5" x8.5"  (16" x 12") 185

Black 5 Crossing Bascule Bridge

Size  31" x 27"  (19" x 15.5") SOLD


   Towy Valley from Dinefwr Deer Park.JPG

Nantgarredig Bridge.JPG


Towy Valley from Dinefwr Deer Park

18" x 12" framed size 24" x 18"295

Bridge Nantgarredig

18" x 12" framed size 24" x 18"295




   View of Rhossili Bay.JPG

whitesands bay.JPG

Brecon Beacons.JPG




Donated G T Hospice Auction


Size 9.5 x 8 (15" x13")175


  Sunderland night mission.JPG

dinefwr castle in mist.JPG

Cottages Newport Mynydd Carningli.JPG

Sunderland  Sold

Dinefwr Castle in the mist


Newport Cottages

Size 9.5 x 8 (15" x13")175


 Broadhaven South Chuch Rock.JPG  

Tenby St.Catherines Island.jpg

Llansteffan Castle from Ferryside.JPG

Church Rock Broadhaven South

18" x 12" framed size 24" x 18"295


Size  30" x 22"  (23" x 15.5") 460

Llansteffan Castle from Ferryside

18" x 12" framed size 24" x 18"295


   Aberaeron Harbour.jpg

Laugharne Painting Castel and Boathouse.JPG

painting of llansteffan beach.JPG



Laugharne Castle and Boathouse

Size 18" x 12"(24" x18") 295


Size  17.5" x 11.5"  (24" x 18") 295

   River Towy and Paxtons Tower.JPG

Burry Port Lighthouse.JPG

Brecon and Monmouth Canal.JPG

River Towy Paxtons Tower


Burry Port Lighthouse

Size 9.5 x 8 (15" x13")175

Brecon Monmouth canal

Size 9.5 x 8 (15" x13")175


   Dinham Bridge Ludlow Castle.JPG

Cefn Sidan Reflections.JPG


Dinham Bridge Ludlow Castle


Cefn Sidan

Size 17.5" x 13.5"(24" x20") Sold


18" x 14" framed size 24" x 20"325




   Carmarthen winter scene.jpg

Clee Hill Sunrise.JPG

    Buzzard in winter Carreg Cennen.JPG

Carmarthen Winter 

Size  36" x 24"  (29" x 16") 620

Clee Hill Sunrise


Carreg Cennen Castle in Winter

Size  16" x 11.5"  (21..5" x 17.5") 265




            morning sun towy valley.JPG

          Merlins Hill and Abergwili.jpg     Ferryside in sunshine.jpg

Morning Sun Towy Valley


Merlins Hill Towy Valley



Size  33" x 24" (22" x 16") 460




                Towy Valley Dryslwyn Castle from Paxtons Tower.jpg

                 Church of the Holy Cross Mwnt.jpg

    Mwnt And Holy Cross Church.JPG

Towy Valley Drsylwn Castle

Size 30"x 24" (24"x18") 480



Mwnt and Holy Cross Church

Size  11.5" x 8.5"  (16" x 12") 185


   Talley Abbey.jpg

Sunrise on the Gower Broughton Bay.JPG


 Talley Abbey


Sunrise Port Eynon Gower



Size  17" x 15"  (12" x 10") 225


         Rhossili Bay GowerJPG.JPG

moonlight painting of llansteffan.JPG

misty morning river towy.JPG

Rhossili Bay Gower

Size  11.5" x 8.5"  (16" x 12") Sold

Llansteffan moonlight

20"x16" Block Canvas 240

Misty morning River Towy

Size 17.5" x 13.5"(24" x20") sold


   getting ready for the judges.jpg

Painting of Laugharne morning mist.JPG

Dinefwr White Cattle.JPG

Ready for judging

Size 12"x 12" (6" x 6" )135

Laugharne misty morning

20"x16" Block Canvas 240

White Park Cattle

Size  17" x 15"  (12" x 10") 225


   Tenby Summer.JPG

A bend in the river Towy.JPG

Pretty Baa-Lambs.JPG

Tenby Summer

Size 12 x 9.5 (17" x15")225

A bend in the river Towy

12" x 9" framed size 16"x 12" 185

Family Portrait

Size 16 x 11.5(21.5" x17.5")265



7 oyster catchers.JPG

surfs up2.jpg


Size 15"x 13" (10" x 7.5" ) 175

 7 Oystercatchers





   0-6-0 Saddle Tank Haulwen.jpg

56 Bus Union Street Birmingham.JPG

Copy of gwarchodwr cymreig.JPG

Haulwen Gwili Railway


56 Bus

Not for sale

Gwarchodwr  Cymreig Gwili

Size 15"x 13" (10" x 7.5" ) 175


  Walking the dog on Llansteffan Beach.JPG

Merlins Hill Towy Valley.jpg

David Lloyd George by Mark Cox.JPG

Walking the dog on Llansteffan Beach

Size  16" x 13"  (10" x 8") 175

Merlins Hill


David Lloyd George

Size  16" x 13"  (10" x 8") 175


   Tenby Harbour and Lifeboat House.JPG

boathouse laugharne by moonlight.JPG

Tenby Harbour.JPG

Tenby Harbour and lIfeboat house


Boathouse by Moonlight


Tenby Harbour



   Gwendraeth at Kidwelly Quay.JPG


Towy in flood at Dryslwyn.JPG

Gwendraeth at Kidwelly Quay

18" x 12" framed size 24" x 18"295


18" x 14" framed size 24" x 20"325

Towy in flood at Dryslwyn

18" x 14" framed size 24" x 20"325



River Towy reflection 15ins x 13 ins (8.5ins x 6.5ins)

Turning the Hay.jpg

Sandpiper Laugharne 

Size 15"x 13" (10" x 7.5" ) 175

River Towy Reflections

Size 15"x 13" (10" x 7.5" ) 175

Turning the Hay 

Size 15"x 13" (10" x 7.5" ) 175


   Lighthouse Mumbles.JPG


Newport Sands.JPG

Lighthouse Mumbles Bracelet Bay


Abergwili Merlins Hill

Size 15"x 13" (10" x 7.5" ) 175

 Newport Sands

Size 12 x 9.5 (17" x15")225



 The above paintings are mounted and framed sizes vary please ask for details generally the price is refelected by the size

If you are interested in buying one of the above paintings,  or commissioning a painting please contact us


01267 231692


Copyright 2007 Mark Cox.

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